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I show Influencers, Entrepreneurs and Creatives how to sell physical products on Shopify to create passive income And monetize your following.

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My Story

I started my own ecomm business back in 2014 when Shopify was still drying its feathers. Since then, I've built an agency that serves up to 9 figure-per-year Clients.

When I meet new professionals it surprises me to hear them admit just how mysterious they think physical product sales (ecomm) can be. To me, it's far easier to sell inanimate objects than it is people, so I have great respect for you!

Here's why I love ecomm: I get to sell things in my sleep. I don't have to speak. I don't have to put makeup on. No celebrity photos. Just Shopify recurring order notifications as my alarm clock. WINNING!

My Ecomm Success System

Would the sound of sales notification chimes be one you'd like to wake up to?

I can tell you with a huge amount of confidence that if you have a following, and you're not selling a physical product you are missing out on an often overlooked opportunity to add profits to your brand. And it's easier than you probably think.

I made this guide to show you how others use physical products for their brands.

After you have a chance to consider the possibilities, and if you're curious to learn more, I've developed an easy 4 step process to show you how to monetize your following. What do you have to lose?

Your Success. Our Mission.

We’ve spent ten of thousands of dollars on education and attend (almost) every marketing education event offered in the USA. We have Digital Marketing Certifications and college diplomas hanging on our walls but it’s worthless paper unless we grow your business and you make more money. Please judge our work by how we improve your bottom line.

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Clients Love

Wendi went above and beyond her promised deliverables by assessing the specific needs of our company and responding with incredible expertise and customization. She knows her stuff and she is incredibly systematic in her approach to what she does. I would highly recommend Wendi for any business looking to make more money and streamline their backend.
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